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A member of Ciel Textile, Floreal Knitwear Ltd. has over the last four decades developed into an international business with an annual production of  5,5  million sweaters.

One of our unique attributes is our vertical integration in Mauritius with Ferney Spinning Mills, a wool spinning factory  with over 30 years' experience in high quality wool and wool blend yarns.

Floreal supplies customers across the globe through its own marketing and manufacturing network. We are the premier knitwear manufacturer in the African Sub Saharan Region & among the largest woolmark knitwear manufacturers in the world.

Manufacturing Locations :

  • Mauritius

  • Madagascar

  • Bangladesh

UK - France - Italy - Spain - Germany - South Africa - Australia - USA.

Floreal Knitwear, Ltd was officially opened on 5 June 1972. It was the first Knitwear factory to operate on the Island of Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean, producing knitted shetland and lambswool sweaters on hand flat machines.

Since its creation in 1972 and over the last, 40 years Floreal Knitwear Ltd has been producing high quality sweaters. We have exported "Beautiful & Innovative Knitwear" to our customers worldwide.

Floreal Knitwear Ltd has now established itself as an international business with a vertically integrated wool spinning mill and its own factories in Mauritius, Madagascar and Bangladesh, as well as marketing and support offices in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong and China.

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