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Filivivi srl, established in 2005, is the product of a joint venture between the Gruppo Marzotto, the home of Lanerossi knitwear since 1987, and the Gruppo Verzoletto, owner of the Manifattura Lane Folco, the leader of the market of merino-acrylic blend knitwear yarns. The underlying aim of the venture is to combine tradition with innovation, quality with efficiency and a dynamic approach with reliability. The Fraver Spa (Gruppo Verzoletto) acquired a 100% stake in Gruppo Filivivi in 2014.

The company’s headquarters and dyeing facilities are situated in Alte Ceccato (Vicenza) and Verrone (Biella), while its spinning mills are located in Botosani (Romania) and Kaunas (Lithuania). The group’s impressive yearly output gives it in a position of the greatest importance on the market.

The production is based on three lines designed to offer the widest of choices to meet the requirements of every category of customer. The company’s offer is enhanced by its three crucial characteristics: constant reliability, ready availability, and spirit of service.

100% merinos wool yarns, carded yarns. Under the dual banner of tradition and excellence for maximum satisfaction.

Wool-Dralon® blended yarns: a vast selection of colours, quality and uniformity of output and an efficient stock service. Under the dual banner of reliability and organisation for maximum efficiency. Also, thanks to the Folcolor system, customers can choose among the over one thousand nuances in our swatches and receive dyed yarns promptly thanks to our efficient direct delivery.

Innovative products, blends of technical and noble fibres and yarns for weaving. Under the dual banner of technology and innovation for maximum originality.

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