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Founded in 1983, INTIFIL SA has a long history in the global textile business, working with unique natural fibers and professional partners, led by the vision to extend the world's textile heritage into contemporary fashion.

Our passion and dedication for Peruvian Alpaca as much as Peruvian Pima cotton has made us to become a leader in the global market of Alpaca and Cotton yarns from Peru. We give a special attention to sustainable raw materials and processes. 

Silk slivers, thrown and spun silk yarns from China and a unique range of South African spun Mohair yarns add to the exquisite portfolio of natural fiber yarns.

Last but not least, a luxurious range of high end cotton yarns (Giza, Suvin, Sea Island), spun in Europe, rounds up INTIFIL’s exciting yarn collection offered to the world's leading fashion brands.

Time has passed and the continuous search of excellence in processing natural fibers into high quality textile products keeps us as passionate as ever.

INTIFIL -  Inspired by Nature. Driven by Passion.

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