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We were born in 1963 in Fara Novarese, at Colline Novaresi foothills, as a manutacture finalized to the handknitting production. Starting from the 90’s we have been entering the kniting marketing, starting an ever growing adventure.
The handknitting represented our starting point and it keeps on representing one of our strength points. Since the 90’s we transferred our service skill and small quantities management to the high fashion complex market in addition to our experience in creating customized products in very short times. Our products versatility, the fast adjustment to the market’s needs and to fashion changes are our DNA’s expressive features. Tradition and technologic innovation are blended to give shape to a productive reality based on high efficiency and quality standards, projected to the future, able to guarantee an entirely MADE IN ITALY product.
Today we can proudly assert that SESIA MANIFATTURE 1963 is an established protagonist in the knitting and handknitting world market cooperating with the most prestigious fashion creators, thanks to the huge competence and professional skill recognized by the market for more than 50 years.

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